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Video Over the Internet (Webcam)
Video access your child's room remotely
We provide children with a wide range of carefully planned preschool learning activities and new exciting opportunities to explore, discover, and learn.

OTRCC is equipped with Video Over the Internet for parents. You can watch your child/children from any computer and smart phone with an internet connection. From work, home, or on the road, you can stay connected to your children!

Web Cam allows you to keep up with your child’s daily activities and schedule, monitor their development progress, and see their interaction with other children…online!

Over the Rainbow uses state of the art video and camera technology, providing parents with the highest quality viewing experience. Parents watching the webcams are assured high quality live streaming video.

As parents, our main focus is always reliability and security. Our system has been tested to ensure the highest quality viewing experience while protecting against unauthorized access.

Sneak a peak during the day, or watch for hours at a time. There are no additional fees for the amount of time you spend watching the live daycare cameras. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can enjoy the added piece of mind that VOI provides our parents.

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