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What Is It And Why Is It So Important?

Our goal is to create a quality learning and welcoming child centre for all children through our project work and academic curriculum, preschool teachers, and family interactions.

Our use of structured projects that are designed to enhance student early learning. These projects can be individual or collaborative, short- or long-term, or student- or teacher-initiated.

Projects often start with an open-ended idea or problem posed by a student or teacher.

As G.S. Morrison points out (“Reggio Emilia,” 2010), “the key feature of a project is that it is a search for answers to questions about a topic worth learning more about, something the children are interested in.”

Projects open up new avenues of exploration. They require lots of creative thinking and problem-solving. And, they can introduce material, questions, and opportunities that often provoke children to further explore issues and questions.

Reggio Emilia Play
How does learning happen?

In our project work, we use the “How Does Learning Happen?” framework, which is a provincial document for use in working with young children.

The use of projects is a way to promote personalized and collaborative learning, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. And this is a part of a major focus on experiential and interdisciplinary learning.

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery, Mark Van Doren. “Teachers who promote reflective classrooms ensure that students are fully engaged in the process of making meaning. They organize instruction so that students are the producers, not just the consumers, of knowledge. To best guide children in the habits of reflection, these teachers approach their role as that of facilitator of meaning-making. Allowing the children to ask and investigate the fundamental questions of how? where? why? who? what?”

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