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Our before & after school programs enhance the school experience, encourage creativity, and ensure your child will have fun too.

At Over the Rainbow, our before school program offers a safe space for students to begin their day with individualized, supportive, and teacher-led enrichment opportunities.

We understand that regular school hours do not fit well with every family’s schedule. That’s why we offer an after-school program that provides a comfortable place for children outside of regular school hours. Why limit fun and learning to school hours? By supporting and enhancing their desire for expressing their creativity, for learning and social interactions, your child will smoothly transition into his or her school day with confidence.

We think any time is a good time for learning and fun, and are excited to offer additional hours each day to help your child develop. During our after school program, each child is given the opportunity to complete their homework with guidance to lessen the burden on working parents at the end of the day.

Children also get to enjoy outdoor play as well as indoor activities depending on the weather. Children can choose from a variety of non-directed fun activities during aftercare. There are also weekly activities guided by teachers such as art with plasticine and clay, painting with different techniques, science projects, construction with Lego or wood and construction with recycled materials.

Over the Rainbow’s qualified teachers offer a nurturing and experiential environment for students to grow, learn, create, share, and most importantly, be themselves. Our before and after-school programs enhance the school experience by supporting classroom learning, positive social interactions, and student to teacher relationships.

Before & After
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