285 Jevlan Drive, Woodbridge, Ontario                                                          905-850-3553

We Are Proud To Be a Leading Preschool in Vaughan - Voted Best Childcare in 2018
We provide children with a wide range of carefully planned preschool learning activities and new exciting opportunities to explore, discover, and learn.

Our Preschool program builds on the knowledge your child has already learned within our toddler programs. Our daily preschool activities will allow your child the opportunities to make decisions for themselves and develop autonomy. Your child will have many choices throughout the day that will allow them to practice their skill of responsibility and independence. All of these experiences will allow your child to develop the skills to be well prepared for kindergarten.

Our focus is on a curriculum designed around how children learn, introducing young children to elements of world culture to which they might not otherwise be exposed. We believe by providing the children varied, exciting opportunities to explore, discover and learn, your child can best articulate their own needs, talents, abilities, and interests.

OTRCC staff will provide preschoolers with a wide range of carefully planned experiences that will introduce your child to Mozart, Dr. Seuss, Newton, Raphael, The Hungry Caterpillar and Picasso. We don’t test them or expect them to remember any of it. But years later after leaving OTRCC, students will have teachers discuss Newton’s three laws of motion or discuss cubism and many of them will recall their first introduction from OTRCC.

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