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To parent searching for quality care,

Our son started in the Junior Toddler Program in February 2013, and in the couple of months he has been there, we have seen such positive changes in him. He is talking a lot more and interacts very well with kids and adults. He loves going to daycare each and every day and we can tell he truly loves his experiences there. As working parents there is no better feeling than knowing your child is happy and being taken great care of. I want to thank Over the Rainbow for providing such a high level of quality care and would recommend this facility to any parent.

Parkins Family-Toddler


Hello Over the Rainbow,

I just wanted to take a moment to extend our thanks and appreciation. It's been nearly 2 weeks now since my son started JK. It's really strange not popping in. My day started and ended with the drop off and pick for so long, it was like a second home. You and all the staff really do an amazing job. From the very beginning, we felt safe and confident leaving him in your care and never had reason waiver in that. He always enjoyed coming to "school" and seemed to thrive in every way possible while he was there. We truly realized how special OTR was after our experience at another facility went so poorly and yet within days of returning, he was back to himself and I think that speaks volumes for the type of environment you and the staff provide for all the kids.

He's doing great at JK and seems pretty happy with his new school and new friends. I know that he entered JK well prepared and eager to learn thanks to his time at OTR. We miss you all and wish you continued success. I hope you can continue to find the type of caring and professional staff that did so much for us. I certainly waste no time recommending your day-care to colleagues thinking about child-care in this area and if you ever have a need for references to convince other new parents they are in good hands, feel free to call on us.

Best Regards,

Ron- Toddler-Preschool



When I finished my studies I decided to go to Africa to “help” the world. When I told my decision at university, a professor of mine looked at me and told me “...but Sandra, you don’t need to go to Africa to help the world, you can do it from home”. Ten years later I left Africa, realizing that I couldn’t help as much as I wanted.... It wasn’t until my children went to Over the Rainbow childcare that I fully understood the sentence of my professor. At Over the rainbow, the staff works hard everyday with a smile on their face and a lot of determination to help children become self confident, learning to respect the others, to become mentally curious and stimulated, to enjoy the learning process and to appreciate life. In other words, it contributes to improve this world by creating a generation of stronger and happier children that can continue their studies with greater success and build their life with stronger basis. This is what makes the world a better place: happier children that face life in total confidence and are eager to find their place in this world.

Sandra ♥ - Preschool-S/K



Dear Admin,

I would like to thank you for providing first class care for both of my children, William and Genevieve, during their time at your daycare centre.

Before I came to Over The Rainbow, I searched for months to find a facility that gave me the feeling that my children (still infants) will receive individual attention, kindness, positive social environment, nutritious food, and where their development will be supported by activities that are both enjoyable and educational. In addition to that, it was extremely important to me that the facility is immaculately clean, including washrooms, beds, sheets and toys. Let me tell you, I’ve seen some scary things in well established daycare centres in my immediate area.

Over The Rainbow is a 15 minute drive out of the way from our routes to work, but I was happy to make the daily trip in exchange for placing my kids in your care. I was confident that the care they were getting was as close as possible to what they get at home. Your staff in the infant room are an absolute delight – it is absolutely clear that these ladies truly enjoy children and I remember being amazed at the frequency at which they change the babies’ diapers, take care of the inevitable rashes, comfort them when they cry and constantly interact with them in such positive ways.

I now have a much greater appreciation for the efforts Geeta/Antonella, and especially Barbara, put forth in their educational activities. Both William and Genevieve knew the alphabet before their peers in their current school, they knew how to write more letters than most of their peers, they are both prolific readers (at their own levels), and have adapted to their new environment easily because they found out that they fit in and can do the same things that their classmates can, and more.

So, thank you so much for all the wonderful years of amazing care you’ve provided. Thank you to all of your staff for their roles and contributions to this great success!

I have no reservations about recommending your facility to anyone who wants to give their children the best out there!

Best wishes and with much appreciation,

Monika,David, William and Genevieve ♥ - Infant Program-S/K




Our two children have been at Over the Rainbow from close to its inception to present, and there are not enough words and examples to express how extremely pleased and happy we are with the centre. We have watched it grow and flourish from a small facility into the mature and dedicated Centre that it is today. Not only do they offer enriched and rewarding curriculum to learning many languages, but also allows the children to experience life through its numerous field trips, swimming and gymnastics programs in addition to special visitors from Firemen to Santa Claus!

I feel what separates this Centre from all the rest are the qualified staff. Administration takes great pride and joy in caring and getting to know the children and parents, which obviously has been positively reflected in the staff and teachers. Last year our family had gone through a challenging and emotional crisis where my spouse had major surgery. Without question, Admin and the staff stepped up to the plate and offered whatever help we needed during this difficult time. I cannot tell you enough what it meant to our family for OTR to be there for us physically and most importantly emotionally, and not just treat us like a business transaction as most places would. I would highly recommend Over the Rainbow to anyone. It is not just a place to drop off your children, but a place where you are treated like Family!

"Thank you" for everything you have done and everything you continue to do. Excellent work!!

Jane - 2nd Child-Preschool Program



As a working mother of three children I would recommend Over The Rainbow to any parent that is searching for child care that will provide peace of mind that their child is well cared for and stimulated to learn and grow in a healthy and safe environment. My children are treated with respect and kindness which in turn is reflected in their behaviour. They have learned social skills, manners, sharing, enormous creativity and self esteem. The staff are top notch and their dedication and love for the children is readily apparent (my children affectionately refer to their teachers as friends). The curriculum far surpasses any standards I have seen with additional time dedicated to art, outdoor play, music, spanish and french. OTR also offers fun and educational field trips from swimming and soccer (in the Summer) to The Science Centre and Casa Loma to name but a few. We consider ourselves to be good parents but doubt whether we could provide as much developmental stimulation offered by OTR. Also, having an in house chef to provide nutritional home cooked meals is definately a plus! I refer to OTR as a "one-stop shop" and often take advantage of the many extras they provide such as babysitting nights, portraits and haircuts. And recently when I was gravely ill, everyone went above and beyond to step in and offer my family their help and support, including watching my children at our home on the weekend such that my husband could be with me in hospital. I could ramble for pages and never adequately express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the administration and their amazing staff at OTR. You have all truly been a blessing to our family. OTR is not only a daycare but a home away from home which is so rare in a non home based centre.

Dr. Samantha Bohay ♥ Infant Program,Preschool Program and JK Program




I am very happy with the care my son has received at Over the Rainbow. Everyday I notice huge improvements in his development and attribute most of that to the stimulation he receives through your programs. Your staff is helpful, extremely courteous and he can’t wait to leap into their arms in the morning and this is my biggest indicator that he just loves it here. His teachers are very attentive to his needs and the overall atmosphere in his room is, in my opinion, calm, friendly and loving…all the things a 1 year old needs. I am very happy that I chose Over the Rainbow Daycare to care for my son. I don’t think I could have made a better choice. Thank you.

Angela☻- Infant Program




Thank you so much for helping my son integrate into the program so well. Staff is very helpful, friendly and always welcoming. Thank You.

Cristina – Preschool Program




We couldn’t be happier! Over the Rainbow has not only provided my son a safe, warm and happy environment, it has allowed me to go back to work feeling like I have done the best thing for him and me. The women working in the daycare are truly the best! I have researched many daycare centers and Over the Rainbow was not the closest to my home. However, it is by far the best choice. They keep the centre spotless and offer a fun, loving place for my son to grow. I can’t thank them enough for the security I feel leaving him there during the day! It’s just wonderful! We are blessed!

Joanne ♥ - Infant Program




As you know, our daughter was a happy child upon entering your centre. I am happy to say she is still the same happy child, which is so important to both Duane and I.
We are more than pleased at what we see at the centre. Congratulations to all the staff! Great job.

Sherry & Duane – Infant Program

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